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Thanksgiving Light

Thanksgiving is a favorite American holiday in which we give thanks for our many blessings, including our family, friends and delicious food. Recent studies show that the positive affects of gratitude are good for our health – we have more social connections, energy and happiness. A healthy diet is good for us too, even during the delicious holiday feast often referred to as a “pig out!”



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           Update: Thirty-three vendors attended Sandhill Farmers’ Market this week. 

Wyatt and Sam Rennick sell Sweet Southern Kettle Korn


The sweet corn and okra are fabulous so don’t miss picking some up next week. The peaches and blueberries are ready; blackberries are finishing up. Look for cabbage, beets,  potatoes, all varieties of summer squash, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, okra, peppers (banana, hot, bell-green or purple). Local ripe tomatoes, snap beans, cantaloupes and honeydew are ready. Shelled lima beans and peas are also for sale.

A variety of beautiful squash from Conyers' Farm Produce



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GREEN is the color that takes center stage on St. Patrick’s Day, which is Ireland’s national holiday honoring its patron saint. There is a “wee bit of Irish” in all of us on March 17th, as we don green clothing and put shamrocks and green paint on our faces and hair. We make merry at the annual parade in Five Points and may even drink a celebratory pint of green ale while listening to Irish bands and the Gaelic tunes of Palmetto Pipes and Drums.   


There are many good reasons to wear green and to serve green foods on St. Paddy’s Day, not the least of which is to avoid being pinched by a leprechaun!  “The wearing of the green”, represents an old Gaelic tradition created around feast day celebrations when people wore green ribbons and shamrocks.  The “luck of the Irish” has come to be represented by the color green.  

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French Toast 

Early to bed, early to rise

Start the day with breakfast and 

You’ll be the right size! 


Dr. Julie Miller Jones, PhD, CNS, LN from the California Raisin Marketing Board spoke on the importance of eating breakfast at a food media seminar I attended at the National Chicken Cooking Contest in San Antonio.  



She explained that raisins are a powerful source of nutrition, economical and add to the benefits of breakfast.  They are also cost effective, a good fruit source, high in potassium, add important dietary fibers and antioxidants and provide steady energy throughout the morning. They are a great “grab and go” food and are often included in a variety of breakfast bars. 



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 Bling H20


Water is an indispensable substance that is necessary for keeping our bodies hydrated. Drinking water is a basic act of life – usually as simple as filling a glass under a running faucet. But is that the end of the story?


 Not by a long shot!  


Besides our municipal water source, which is strictly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a huge variety of bottled waters is available to consumers.  Many come from far-away places you can only dream of going to. Forbes Traveler said, “Bottled water is the next wine ..and like wine, water has terroir – a sense of place. ” 


You can choose spring water, purified water or mineral water. Would you like sparkling or still? The packaging for all these choices might be inexpensive plastic or a frosty glass bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals, like the one shown above. Read on to learn more ..



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Non fat yogurt


While food shopping in Publix recently, I discovered an ‘all-natural’ Greek yogurt called Chobani.  I had not tried it so I purchased a 16-ounce container of the non-fat plain variety.



Chobani is onto something!  The NON-FAT version had an amazing rich dairy flavor and lush, thick consistency. A centuries-old straining technique is said to, “enrich the texture and concentrate the protein in the yogurt, giving it more than two times the protein of American yogurts.”  It was one of the most delicious Greek yogurts that I have tried. In fact, I loved it! The taste wasn’t too tart, as sometimes is the case with American non-fat yogurt. But Chobani never uses high fructose corn syrup or cornstarch. 



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 Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Mole and Cranberry Salsa


The last three months have been a whirlwind.  After three years of regular blogging, real life got in the way of my virtual life and suddenly, I had little time to post.  Life often takes a series of twists & turns and all you can do is hang on for the ride!




October began with a fabulous trip to Oahu, Hawaii for the annual conference for Les Dames d’ Escoffier, International.  I had become Second Vice President of the organization and would soon be responsible for editing their magazine, The Quarterly.  After the conference, I visited my Marine son, newly-stationed in Kaneohe,  Oahu, located on the hauntingly beautiful windward side of the island.  My visit to Hawaii was incredible and I was able to explore Hawaiian cuisine and culture, thanks to the assistance of Jessica, my beautiful daughter-in-law to-be.   




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