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“A delicate, white mist embraces lavender plants

Whose leaves dance in light Kona winds

From the Lavender Farm”

           Lavender & Hawaiian Winter 


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pumpkin mochi 

I learned to appreciate mochi when my family lived in Japan, a land where the chewy rice cakes are an important food and symbol of happiness.  Mochi is made from pounded, cooked short-grain rice called mochi-gome. Part of its appeal is  the soft, chewy texture.   Mochi is best eaten soon after being made  because the texture begins to harden by the next day. The Pumpkin Mochi Cake shown in the photo is a softer, Hawaiian-style variation, made with cooked pumpkin, eggs and milk. The snack bars stay soft for several days. (more…)

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 …..The past two weeks I was not able to post because I was away in Hawaii attending the annual conference of Les Dames d’ Escoffier at the beautiful five-star Halekulani Hotel on Wakiki Beach. Afterwards, I spent some time visiting the windward Oahu towns of Kaneohe and Kailua, where family members presently work and live.  It was a visit to paradise!  Kailua has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the area’s fresh seafood and fruits were fabulous.Watch for a new category on my blog, featuring recipes and stories on Hawaii’s food scene and the best of the island’s regional cuisine! Until then,   Aloha! …Vintage Hawaiian art by Kerne Erickson. Greg Young Publishing

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